J.L. Chave Selection Hermitage Rouge Farconnet 2020



The grapes come from 3 distinctive parts of the Hermitage hill. The majority of the blend comes from Diognières, which is at the base of the hill on alluvial soil with many small pebbles. It lends a note of spice to the wine. The next parcel is Péleat. It sits above Diognières and is composed of more sand and limestone in the clay. It gives finesse to the wine. And finally, Greffieux sits at the base of Le Méal on the hill. Its soil consists of rolled river stones brought by the glaciers. It brings structure to the finished wine. Farconnet was the name of a nobleman back in the time of Jean- Louis Chave’s great grandfather. He was actually the man from whom the great grandfather bought the Bessards parcel. -Shiverick Imports

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